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ABOUT US | Absc-Business-Consulting

ABOUT US | ABSC Services

Our Experience Is
Our Confidence

ABSC firmly challenges and reviews the existing processes to transform them from ‘Reactive Approach To Predictive Approach’. We are committed to own your customers from day 1 of his partnership with you.



ABSC Pvt. Ltd has been established by an expert after exploring the operating models of the different industries for 18 years. The founder being an expert in the fields of Customer Service Transactional Quality Assurance, Business Excellence, and Analytics has successfully leveraged the management and statistical tools of Lean, Six Sigma, Machine Learning, Data Mining, Artificial Intelligence and ISO 9001. The in-depth knowledge in Telecom, Banking sector, Supply Chain and Education industries has contributed immensely in transforming the business and enabling the resources.

Our USP does not lie in number of templates, evaluation of transactions, number of gaps identified in processes we can bring to your table;

We can sense the pulse of your customers before his first reaction or experience. Additional investment in technology or resources does not always bring a significant change in revenue and customer satisfaction. Bring changes by cleaning your data further to build a stronger and sustainable strategy. ABSC focuses on your data features engineering before building business models. A business does not yield the desired result with measurement system in isolation.

ABSC is committed to bring the best out of worst data you provide. Every data value means revenue. Customer Experience cannot remain reactive any more when we have millions of data values every day and means to manipulate & analyse them. Moving from Re to Pre and Pro is the only key to success now.


  • Best Strategy

    We are confident of calling ourselves a differentiator because:
    1. We do not initiate a consulting discussion with charges
    2. We spend a month or more in studying your data before discussing a contract

  • High-Quality Services

    ONE MEASUREMENT SYSTEM TO MEASURE ONE CUSTOMER Let us track his transaction till the end. Internal measure must be aligned with Customer’s Voice Voice of Customer is the foundation of finding a solution.

  • Friendly Support

    Consulting does not end with delivery of solution. Training the resources is equally important for sustaining the improvement. We sign a ‘TRUST’ not a ‘CONTRACT’.

Profile Summary

Founder and Mentor of ABSC Pvt. Ltd.

A Customer Experience enthusiast with 17 years of experience in Banking, Telecom, Contact Center, Supply Chain, Logistic, ecommerce, Education space. Transforming business processes from ‘Reactive to Predictive and Proactive mode. Expertise in applying Lean, Six Sigma, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, PDCA, ISO 9001 methodologies and tools Excellent understanding of work culture, customer needs and markets of Africa and India.

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