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Lead Management | Absc-Business-Consulting


Lead Management

Every lead has millions of dollars hidden in it. Every lead has an average shelf life depending upon the nature of the business.

Companies are investing millions of dollars in purchasing CRM platforms and social media tools for generating leads. The objective of such a huge investment is ROI with zero wastage of leads.

Companies are successful in generating leads but they are unable to read, analyse, predict and translate the leads into long-term customers.

This is where ABSC Analytics comes in to picture. we apply statistical models to predict the conversion of leads with 80-90% accuracy. we deploy resources and experts in analytics to build robust predictive models

We minimize resources, time, and cost by 50-55%. We encourage clients to focus on core activities while we are managing their leads effectively.

We optimise the shelf life of leads through automated follow-ups. We charge clients based on conversion only

ABSC promises resource optimization with the highest accuracy. We are committed to start from Identification and end with Implementation.

ABSC does not provide a project end date before studying the existing gaps of your business. We believe in enabling sustainable processes which are graphically and statistically fit for your business.

Our experience in BPO, banking, supply chain, logistic and education space have created a huge impact in businesses of Asia (India, Indonesia, Malaysia) and Africa (Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, Ghana, Zambia, Zimbabwe).
Convert the reactive approach of measurement system to a completely proactive approach using effective predictive and forecasting techniques.

We provide high quality services & innovative solutions for the realiable growth



ABSC believes in understanding the "As Is" or "Status Quo" of Business. We Conduct gap analysis at no cost using a sample data.

Business Excellence Consultancy

ABSC promises resource optimization with the highe...

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