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Our Team | Absc-Business-Consulting

Our Team

Rajkumari Singh

Rajkumari Singh is a highly skilled individual with a strong background in customer service and quality analytics. She is eager to learn new subjects and technologies and is fluent in several languages including Hindi, English, Bengali, Bhojpuri, and Oriya. Rajkumari has completed her highest education with a B.Sc in Science.

Kaushal Gupta

Kaushal Gupta, is a Technical graduate, B. Tech having specialisation in Electronics and Communication. Kaushal is also specialised in Operations management. He is having an experience of around 16 years, in International operations, technology services. He is well versed with local and international work culture. He has zeal to provide customer best of the service and to provide technology driven solution. .

Hyndavi Eerlapally

Hyndavi Eerlapally is a highly skilled data analyst with a strong educational background in statistics and data science. She has a graduate degree from St. Joseph's degree college and a postgraduate degree in data science from Great Lakes Institute of Management. Passionate about data-driven decision making and analytics, she is a motivated, organized, and proactive individual with one year of experience as an Analyst. Hyndavi is determined to apply her skills to solve business problems and has a natural drive to learn and constantly improve herself. She is a valuable asset to any organization looking to make data-driven decisions and solve complex business problems..

Sanyog Yadav

Sanyog Yadav is a skilled data analyst with a passion for utilizing data to drive business decisions. He is well-versed in programming languages such as Python, C++, and Numpy, and has experience working with data visualization tools like Matplotlib and Seaborn. He also has a strong background in social media marketing and digital marketing, and has a proven track record of using data to improve performance in these areas. With his extensive knowledge of data analysis and marketing, Sanyog is a valuable asset to any organization looking to gain a competitive edge through data-driven decision making.

Abu Bakar

Abu Bakar is a skilled and detail-oriented data analyst. He excels at maintaining large databases, performing data collection and analysis, and conducting detailed reports. With great analytical skills, excellent multitasking abilities, strong attention to detail, and a significant ability to work in a team. He is skilled in SQL, Power BI, and Tableau. Currently working as an Executive Data Analyst in ABSC Analytics Pvt. Ltd, he is dedicated to providing strategic insights and recommendations to senior management through data analysis.